Funnin’ ‘Round


Something Found

Just Stumblin’ ‘Round


What Country Music Star
Suits your Personality?


My personality is a Patsy Cline type…and I thought for sure it would be Minnie Pearl.


I’ll have to add to my Patsy Cline collection…Absolutely!


Dress Dolly and Discover Your
Dolly Personality


No surprise here. The Country Girl is me.


Y**T*** has several versions of Dolly singing this song. This might  be one of the earliest.

Have you ever noticed the terrible comments some people make on the Y**T*** videos?  I keep asking myself this question, "What has our society come to?".  If you met them, would these people talk that way in casual conversation? Thumbs down to all those folks.  

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11 Responses to Funnin’ ‘Round

  1. JoAnn says:

    Yep, it\’s me and Willie! Says something \’bout my life! 😉 If I\’m compatiI could add some Patsy Cline

  2. JoAnn says:

    Something wierd is happening here! It posted my comment before I finished! Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted – if I\’m compatible with Willie, don\’t it make ya wonder how I answered those questions? I like to embellish my tees with sparkly things. In Dolly\’s own words, "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap." I\’ve got a little comment box here and can\’t read why I type! This was fun. We\’ll have to do it again someday! Hugs

  3. Beth says:

    That was fun,  Willie Nelson matched my personality and that is really cool because I am a huge Willie fan.  So I guess that means JoAnn and I think alike.  LOL

  4. Pau says:

    The test was really cool…I was matched to Patsy Kline, not surprised,  thanks for putting this test, it was interesting.  hugs, Pau

  5. Patsy says:

    Like you I thought Iwould be more Patsy Cline, but it says Shania Twain??? I don\’t really like her music, but I guess my personallity is that of Shania Twain??? Lots of fun thanks, Pat

  6. Lizzie-Beth4Him says:

    Wow!  I was Shania Twain on that quiz…enjoyed taking it too.  I will have to come back to see the videos because of wanting to enjoy some of the sunshine today…but will say that unfortunately yes…I have heard too many talk just that way walking down the street.  Can\’t wait to see and here the videos.  Have a great week!

  7. Michiko's says:

    As usual always nice musics that I enjoyed very much though even not same singers..
    the last one"I will always love you" by Whithny Houston was on the movie "The body guard" and it was good one.   
    Keeps wram! don\’t catch a cold,

  8. Maro says:

      I couldn\’t access these sites from you space. It seems your flashplayers are not working. I have been having the same problem with mine for my project play list. I can not seem to reload it either, so I had to delete it.
      I will go take the test though and let you know which country singers personality best fits me.
      God bless you.~Hugs~Maro~

  9. Lynne says:

    Good Gawd,y\’all……….I\’m Willie Nelson! That\’s a scary thought! Thanks for a fun quiz……….who\’da thunk I was Willie? Must be more of the rebel in me than I thought………..

  10. Sherry says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping in. I love Dolly Parton. I have noticed the vulgarity on Youtube, it\’s a crying shame.
    Have a greata day

  11. Lizzie-Beth4Him says:

    I had so much fun with the quiz…and tried as many combinations as possible…because I get so curious about all possibilities.  Country Girl and Classy Dolly are the two that most suited my style.  The last song is one of my favorite and I didn\’t realize she sang it as early as 1974!
    Patsy Cline had such a soul stirring voice and I especially loved that second song of hers.  We\’ve travelled through her hometown a time or two.  This as a very entertaining blog! 
    Always nice to have your visits, Patricia, and I am glad you liked the video.  I know the Stooges are not popular these days, but they bring back fond memories for me, as an only child watching television and laughing my head off at their silliness and slapstick.  They never caused me to go out and name call or hurt my friends.  My parents taught me right from wrong, and I wasn\’t allowed to watch them endlessly, or at an age where I might not have understood the difference.  Wouldn\’t you say in our generation we were out playing much more than we ever watched television?    

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