Pick Yourself Up

It’s a brand new year…a new beginning…

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again…

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7 Responses to Pick Yourself Up

  1. rambling1on says:

    well, I will be darned! How nice to see you, my friend. What a pleasant surprise!!

  2. rambling1on says:

    I have yet to learn them all. I never was able to “fancy up” a blog here or on Live Spaces or on my Blogger blog..which is where we all went. Blogspot.

  3. impattymac says:

    I’ve been experimenting there…hardly know what to do now…

  4. michiko san says:

    Happy New Year to you dear Pat! You would laugh this when I had your post in my space…Who is this lady? Sorry about that this is truth LOL!
    I am so glad to your visits though otherwise never seen you again??
    And I enjoyed watched Your tube I like the night and days songs.
    A beautiful dance that make me dreams in back to the an old times.
    Hope you having a wonderful time,

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